Jared's Messages

Below are the messages Jared shared when he developed the characters that symbolized his perspective on life and his approach to his battle with cancer. 


I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately - how we choose to use it, how we choose to look back at it, and how we choose to quantify it. Whatever it may be, time is important.

As of today, it has been 1 year and 4 months since the day I initially found out I have cancer, 70 weeks since starting chemo, 53 weeks since starting radiation on my leg, 38 weeks since my leg surgery, 29 weeks since I found out it spread to my lungs, 26 weeks since my lung surgery, 20 weeks since starting whole lung radiation, and 40 days since finding out it has unfortunately come back in both of my lungs.  

We can look at life in days, weeks, months, years or decades, but what I’ve learned is the importance of looking at it in moments. Defining it any differently neglects the things that truly mean the most. Slowing down to find the moments can make even the worst of times the best.

After feeling like my cancer journey was coming to an end, I’ve realized that this is really just the beginning. Following my lung surgery, I had to wait two to three months to get scanned again and my doctors told me, if the cancer came back, there is a chance that I may only have a few years left to live. 

2 to 3 months, 8 to 12 weeks or 56 to 84 days, no matter how I tried to look at it, the time felt extremely daunting. We all live with the possibility of death, but, when it is dangled in front of you, time can feel heavier and heavier the more you think about it. 

But like I said, I’m done looking at time defined by days, weeks, and months…I have an unlimited number of moments if I slow down and appreciate them. 

These last few months I have had some of the greatest moments of my life. From grand experiences like eating in the Misi Pasta Room with my family, watching the fireworks in Disneyland with Britt, going on set of The Challenge with Dan and renting a box for Monday Night Raw with my best friends to small ones like weekly phone calls with Jordan and Dylan, an afternoon in Central Park with Holden and Peri and playing fetch with Jesse and my brother, no matter the situation, I have learned that every moment is worth enjoying and remembering. 

So here I am 40 days since finding out that the cancer is unfortunately back in my lungs. I could have wasted these last few months stressing about the scans and potential results, but, instead, I did my best to embrace the time and I am very glad I did just that. Moments don’t always have to be perfect and happy; they are things worth thinking about, learning from, reflecting on, and smiling at, but we will only notice them if we actively seek them.

This all embodies the Tiger Mentality. I’ve adopted this frame of thinking as I navigate the next phase of my life.

Confidence. Curiosity. Immortality.

Embracing these three words has enabled me to seek the positive in any situation. While I am not sure what lies ahead, I am certain that I will be living life with the Tiger Mentality, searching for moments.


There are two ways you can take life changing news like finding out you have cancer: 1. You can sulk in your misery and let life go by or 2. You can accept your situation and live your life to the fullest. Over the last couple months, I’ve learned the importance of the latter.

When I was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in my right leg, my world was rocked. I went from excited to celebrate my 26th birthday to scared to see if I’d be alive for my 27th. Cancer is something you hear about but until you hear those words “I’m sorry but it’s cancer” you have no idea how real it truly is. Over the last 5 months I’ve realized how blessed I truly am, even in this unlucky situation. I have a family who has dropped everything to be by my side, a girlfriend who has put all of my needs above her own, an apartment nearby my treatments, and friends who call me every day to check in…I’m blessed to be in a situation where all I have to worry about is fighting everyday because I have the support I need.

There are many people who are in my situation who on top of surviving have to worry about a long list of things -- can they afford the commute to and from appointments, will their insurance cover their treatment, can one of their family members come visit, where can they stay in the city during treatment weeks, etc.

Now that I have gotten through chemo and am on the next phase of my journey, I’ve set up the Team Jmared Foundation as a means to help people with similar diagnoses as me because I’m blessed to have all of you.

All profits will help combat the financial burden associated with receiving cancer treatment by helping patients cover nonmedical expenses. Grab your uniforms and come join my team.


Elephants are magnificent creatures. When one member of a herd gets injured, the whole herd stops and surrounds the injured elephant for protection. Over the last five months, my herd has circled around me to protect me. Elephants represent strength, loyalty and luck, three qualities that I’ve held near to my heart through my journey. This is why the Team Jmared logo is an elephant.